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We have established and developed our Hi-Tech Bio Chemical Lab at Pune making ample research and development in the fields of all types of chemicals, microbes, nano-technology, and perfumes and have achieved a remarkable success, which resulted in that the Department of Science & Industrial Research of Delhi has approved our Lab as Govt. approved Research & Development Center. As a fruition, we have succeeded in developing the process of ‘Gallic Acid and further to T.M.B.A., Process of Lycopene by extraction of tomato.

In addition, we have developed the unique and novel method of process in Kerosene less Nicotine Sulphate, Solano sol, CoQ10 i.e. Coenzaime, Ayurvedic development of herbal plants for formulation of medicines with scientific research report. Further, we have also developed a unique technology of organic colors for cloths. In addition, we have developed our own formula & techniques in Herbal Extraction and manufacturing of Rich Catechin Powder known as Vitamin P. We further are talking with Phillip Moriya (US based Cigarette manufacturer) for collaboration.

Pioneers in manufacturing of chemicals viz. TMBA, Methoxy, Benzoic acid, Solenasol, Co-Enzimeq10  I.E. Tobacco extracts used in pharmaceuticals industries. in India & abroad along with numerous of Herbal Products, Micro Biological & Biotechnological products. The company is engaged in extensive research & development  of Ayurvedic  Health  Products. backed up with high sophisticated  Lab.

We will be entering into Ayurvedic Medicine market with wide variety of herbal products in near future with our own brand name of ‘SUDARSHAN AYURVEDA’.

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